Institutional data

The My Academy section of the HEA's website provides institutional contacts and administrators access to live data about engagement between the organisation, its staff and the HEA.

The institutional data portal is a HEA subscriber only service.

Additionally, the institutional data portal enables institutional contacts to grant access to different data sets to other named individuals.

To get up and running with the institutional data portal

Initially, only the named institutional, or primary contact at a subscribing institution has access to the institutional data portal. This individual needs to navigate to the primary contact page in order to start setting up access.

The first time you visit the page, you need to click the button to grant yourself access. You can then use the institutional data access page to grant access to others.

To grant permissions to a new user, enter their email address in the box on that page and click 'submit'. The My Academy system will check to see if that user already has a My Academy account and, if they do, grant them access at the level specified. If the email address can't be found in our system, you'll need to ask the individual concerned to either create themselves an account or, if they already have one, update their email address.