Fellowship Online

The Fellowship Online area enables you to engage with our Fellowship scheme. In this area, you can


Some of the HEA's Fellowship services require payment. We can only accept credit / debit card payments through Fellowship Online.

If you are unable to pay by credit or debit card or are being financially supported to apply (e.g. by your employer), we have provided the facility for you to ask someone else to pay by credit or debit card on your behalf.

To have someone else pay on your behalf, follow the 'pay now' links when you have submitted your application. Once you have confirmed the amount due, you will be given a choice of two payment methods - credit / debit card or 'someone will pay on my behalf'.

If you choose the 'someone will pay on my behalf' option your order will be saved and you will be given a unique reference code, together with instructions about how to pass the relevant information on to the person who will be making the payment.

People paying on your behalf (e.g. your institution) will need to make the payment in My Academy, in the Make a Payment page, with a credit or debit card.