Accredited Provision Leaders and Administrators

The My Academy site provides an online service for Accredited Provision leaders and administrators to submit completer details.

In order to submit completer details your My Academy account needs to be linked to have leader or administrator privileges assigned to it. You can apply to have administrator status on the My Accredited Provision page.

To add completers

  • Navigate to the My Accredited Provision page
  • Click the 'add completers' link next to the Accredited Provision you wish to add completers against
  • Provide details of completers, one per page, providing the details required
    • Email address - a valid email address for the completer. This will be used to try to find the completer in our fellowship database in order to add these completion details to their current individual details. If the completer is not found in our system a new account will be created for them and they'll be sent information about how to log in on the email address you provide
    • HEA reference number - this field is not mandatory, but if provided will be used in addition to the email address to try and find the individual in our database. The number would usually be a reference number provided by the HEA against a previous fellowship application. It is displayed on fellowship certificates, amongst other places
    • First name, middle names, surname
    • Organisation - the organisation that the completer works for. This information will be used to update our information and determine whether they qualify for subscriber discounts. The field contains the organisation that the Accredited Provision is registered at but can be changed. To search for organisations try to be as specific as possible as searching for 'York' would return results including York, New York and Yorkshire. Searches are not case sensitive
    • Date started course - the date on which the completer began work on the accredited provision
  • Once you submit completer information the My Academy system will process the information and contact the completer with information about what to do next. You can see a list of completers you've already added by clicking on the 'My Completers' link next to any Accredited Provisions you administer.